Rucker-Stewart Middle School

* If your child is coming to Rucker-Stewart from a feeder elementary school at the beginning of the school year, he or she is already registered.

To register, students must have:

1. Two proofs of residence (ie. Electric bill, water bill, home phone (not cell), cable bill, mortgage or lease of home, etc.).

2. Dept. of Health Immunization Card including 2nd MMR Booster (out of state must get immunization on TN card at Health Department).

3. Custody (divorced parents) or Guardianship papers (living with person other than parents).

4. If possible, bring last report card from previous school.

5. Birth Certificate

6. Social Security

7. Documentation of Special Services (copy of IEP)

The Primary custodial parent or guardian shall normally provide two (2) of the following documents as proof of residency:

  1. Legal document/lease showing proof of residency for specific address (Notary public or typed/hand written letters from the land owner is not accepted)
  2. Motor vehicle registration with current address;
  3. Current bill assigned to specific address—electric, gas, water, landline telephone (Cell phone bill not accepted);
  4. Current bank statement with current address;
  5. Current employment record; example most recent check stub with home address;
  6. Place of parents’ registration for voting;
  7. Place of payment of property taxes on parents’ physical residence;
  8. Tennessee Driver’s License with current address;
  9. Tennessee ID with current address;
  10. Documentation from Tennessee Department of Human Services for benefits with the current address.

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