Rucker-Stewart Middle School


NEVER SEND MEDICINE OF ANY TYPE TO SCHOOL WITH YOUR CHILD. Only medications required to maintain student’s attendance will be given. All students must have prescription and non-prescription forms completed before the school can administer medication to the student. Over the counter/non-prescription medications will be given according to package directions only, unless accompanied by a physician’s order with alternate directions. All prescription medications require physician and parent signature. The pharmacy label MUST match the physician’s written order. Non-prescription medications require a parent’s signature only and must be sent in a sealed, unopened bottle. No Ziploc baggies, unlabeled bottles, or expired medications will be accepted.

*Please note; alternative medicines and/or treatments such as herbal supplements, homeopathic medicines, vitamins, salves, nutritional supplements, essential oils and any other products that are not regulated by the FDA, will not be administered at school. The actions and potential side effects of these products are not readily available to health care providers and cannot be safely administered by school staff.*

  • Morning & “1-time a day” medications should be given at home. This includes over-the-counter medications such as Advil & Tylenol.
  • Antibiotics ordered less than 4 times a day will not be given during school hours.
  • Narcotics will not routinely be given during school hours.
  • A new medication form must be completed each school year. This includes insulin and emergency medication orders.
  • Medication guidelines for Sumner County Schools does not allow aspirin or products containing aspirin to be given without a doctor’s order (BC Powder, Pamprin, Excedrin Migraine, Bayer Aspirin, Midol, Goody’s Powder, Pepto- Bismol, etc.). If you are not certain if a product contains aspirin, please check the list of active ingredients for salicylate” or “salicylic acid or consult your pharmacist. If these products must be given during school hours it will require a physician’s order.
  • Any changes in medication must be accompanied by a new form, with the changes noted, and signed by the physician. This includes discontinuing a daily medication.
  • All unused medication will only be returned to the parent/guardian/parent’s adult designee. If medication is not picked up within two weeks of the request being made, or the medication being discontinued the medication will be discarded. No medication will be stored over the summer; medications left at the end of the school year will be discarded after dismissal on the last full day of instruction.
  • No student should ever transport or possess medications on school property, aside from emergency medications permitted by state law & physician order (i.e. EpiPen, rescue inhaler, Glucagon, CF enzymes).

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